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About Hidden Gems

Welcome to HiddenGems411.com! HiddenGems411.com is a website developed for ATHLETES (GEMS), COACHES, and SCHOOLS that want to take it to the next level. We are building a massive database to help in the recruiting process for those GEMS that may have been overlooked. We don’t stop at the GEMS. We also help COACHES highlight their GEMS and also show what the COACHES are doing at their respective schools. HiddenGems411.com will be stat extensive. Bio, Videos, Game Film will come with profiles. We cater with a responsibility of getting to the next level to continue your dream.

Players Are The Gems

HiddenGems411.com was developed for the GEMS (ATHLETES) that CAN play at the next level. GEMS build their profile to include BIO’s, STATS, VIDEOS, and PICTURES. It’s your own personal page that you can edit on the fly. Once the profile is built you will go into our database where COACHES can search for you based on a number of attributes. Update your page weekly, daily or hourly to let COACHES know what you are doing to prepare to get to the next level. GEMS can purchase different packages to suit their needs.

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INCLUDES BASIC & STANDARD PACKAGE along with Video Package (we film) of 40yd Dash, Interview, Weightlifting Session, and ALUMNI PAGE so fans can keep up with you and you can update ALUMNI page during and after your playing career.


INCLUDES BASIC PACKAGE along with T-shirt and mailouts to all of the college coaches in our database so they can come view your profile.

BASIC Package: ***FREE***

Includes profile with Videos, Photos, and Stats that can be updated at anytime! Profile Page does include GPA, SAT/ACT Scores, 40yd Times, and much more information!

Coaches Play a Big Role

HiddenGems411.com was created for COACHES that want to take their program to the next level or their careers to another level! COACHES will build a profile page so GEMS can look into your coaching snapshot. COACHES are a big part of HiddenGems411.com. Who knows their talent the best? The COACHES! COACHES can submit the GEMS they think can play at the next level. COACHES are also featured in HiddenGems411.com. COACHES sign up for free and build a profile. You can update your profile daily, weekly, or hourly. COACHES have their stat page also where they can edit on the fly. COACHES will enter into our massive database so they can be searched also under different categories. Remember COACHES sign up for free to build a profile or just to view other GEMS on the site.

Schools Help Too

SCHOOLS are featured on HiddenGems411.com to showcase what they are doing at their school. SCHOOLS featured on HiddenGems411.com will be highlighted by a GEM or COACH that has signed up. Once a school is submitted, we will provide links to the page of that designated school so GEMS can learn more about the SCHOOL.